Launch Time Again!

It’s book launch time again. Time to sit back knowing that the toil of hours of drafts and editing is behind you and now you can relax back in your comfortable writing chair and watch the Amazon bestseller charts for a glimpse of that cover. No way. In fact, your work is far from over. […]


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Next Please!

Okay, so you have finally finished that next novel and you have clicked the submit button to the publisher. What next? Put your feet up, go and finish decorating the house or do you crack on with your next manuscript. Those of us who are locked in the ‘series mindwarp’ have to do the latter. […]

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Historical Fact in Fiction

Perhaps the main feature for my Alex Swan Mystery novels is to centre these fictional thrillers around actual events and coming up with plausible plots to fit in with these period settings can be quite an eye-opener. In fact, I would compare it to delving into your own family history to find those long forgotten […]

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